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Welcome Prudential Retirees!


Golf Anyone?The NAPRI community website is
intended for the use of Prudential retirees, employees and vested
terminators as a source of communication and for sharing pertinent
information about OUR pension plan benefits and other related information.

Our Association is an ad hoc group of interested persons who believe that
each individual counts and that by joining together we can become a more
powerful, unified voice.  We are an independent non-profit
corporation, funded entirely by membership donations

With your help we can band together to reach the 65,000+ other peers
still out there! 
take a moment to join this Association. The form is available online by clicking here and may
be downloaded and mailed in with your yearly membership dues of $25.00
(over age 80 -free), additional donations are welcomed and encouraged as
we work to build this network to keep its members informed of possible
changes in our benefits and other events of in
Membership runs from January 1
through December 31 of each year.




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