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Organization Profile


  1. NAPRI Officer’s Positions

  2. NAPRI Officer Functions

  3. NAPRI Regional Vice Presidents

  4. NAPRI Regional Directors

  5. What has been done by NAPRI’s

  6. Expenses for NAPRI Representation

  7. NAPRI’s Web Site

  8. Roles for All NAPRI Members



NAPRI Officer’s Positions

The NAPRI officers and directors are
elected and appointed to provide representative leadership of the
membership, and to guide us as we seek to achieve the purposes of the
organization according to its bylaws. The Officers consist of:


Vice President
Executive Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
Past President of NAPRI

NAPRI Officer Functions

Their function is to carry out the daily
operations of the organization. The only paid position in the organization
is the executive secretary (part time), who handles all records,
membership services, and mailings (online and traditional mail). All
others perform services without remuneration. The Executive Board consists


Local Representatives
Communications Director
Public Relations Director

Their function is to represent us, and provide advice and resolution on
legal matters. Our communication officers maintain our web site (, revising and
updating when necessary. Our public relations officer seeks NAPRI
recognition in the media, concerning our issues and progress.

NAPRI Regional Vice Presidents

There are seven Regional Vice
Presidents. Their function is to coordinate the activities of the
association’s directors throughout the country, and to act as liaisons
with the officers. They cover all assigned areas of the country.

NAPRI Regional Directors

NAPRI’s twenty-two Directors are
available throughout the country, and are the immediate contacts for and
to the membership. Their function is to receive and dispense information
to or questions from the area members, and to communicate with the
Regional Vice Presidents or Officers as necessary. Recruitment of new
members is another important duty of the directors.

What has been done by NAPRI’s Representatives

All of these positions are extremely
important, in order to continue to grow and improve our organization’s
effectiveness and goals. These unpaid roles are very rewarding in the help
and results they provide for our members. We are constantly looking for
new ideas and new people to help us serve the members. If you have a
particular talent or just the desire to get involved, please contact our
executive secretary and volunteer. As of the end of 2002, the proactive
efforts of NAPRI have included:


Continuing attendance at hearings of
the New Jersey Insurance Commissioner in Trenton, New Jersey,
concerning Prudential’s demutualization plans and activities, thus
providing retirees with a voice in the process.
Organizing and publicizing
letter-writing campaigns, to help obtain retirees our share in the
demutualization benefits.
Organizing and publicizing a current
letter writing campaign to urge Congress to enact HR1322, the bill
which protects and maintains health insurance benefits for retirees.
Formed alliances with other
retirement groups, most notably the National Retirement Legislation
Network (NRLN).
At a cost of only $1.00 per NAPRI
member, we re-joined with other retiree activist groups, such as
General Motors (180,000 retirees); Bell Atlantic (165,000 retirees);
General Electric (185,000 retirees); IBM; Western Union; Continental
Tire; Raytheon; Boeing; Monsanto; Pension Rights Center; and the
Coalition for Retirement Security.
The NAPRI president, Dick Ciocca,
will be attending the NRLN board meeting in Washington, D.C., Jan.
28-29, 2003.

Expenses for NAPRI Representation

This representation has been done
entirely through out-of-pocket expenses incurred by NAPRI officers; NAPRI
dues have not subsidized travel for these efforts by NAPRI officers.
NAPRI’s website contains links to at least 20 more online sites that may
be of interest to members. Our members can send additional link
suggestions to our Communications Director. Examples of our links are the
Prudential web site, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and
more; much more. Some of these links may enable retirees to better assist
friends and family who don’t have the benefits we currently enjoy as
Prudential Retirees.

NAPRI’s Web Site

NAPRI’s web site provides a forum (
for communication and education. Users may visit friends or leave comments
or suggestions on our Guest Book function, and can originate or join
discussion forums in the Bulletin Board.

Roles for All NAPRI Members

While the duties of the officers are
spelled out clearly, it is incumbent upon everyone to recruit and help
grow this vital grassroots organization. Prudential retirees can benefit
from membership in both their regional organization (PERA/PERC), and from
membership in the national organization (NAPRI). The regional clubs help
meet the social and local communications needs of retirees. NAPRI provides
a means for all Pru retirees to organize in support of national retiree
interests, and also provides a website forum for each of the regional
clubs (in the Bulletin Board area of the NAPRI website). Every member can
help by spreading the word about both NAPRI and the regional social clubs,
and by personally signing up the many hundreds of Pru retirees who have
not yet heard of NAPRI and PERA/PERC, and therefore have not had the
opportunity to join. Many people transferred to other companies (such as
Aetna) as Prudential altered its business model, and have lost contact
with their membership opportunities as retirees or vested terminators of
Prudential. The company will not help us toward this end by supplying
retiree names or addresses (as a matter of confidentiality), nor will they
advise prospective retirees that we exist. Therefore, membership growth is
a real priority as we face the issues that the future is certain to
present. Remember, "We were the best of the Pru!".


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