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Statement of Purpose


The National Association of Prudential
Retirees and Vested Terminators, Inc., (NAPRI) is an independent
organization with membership open to all retirees, vested terminators and
beneficiaries receiving retiree benefits, of the Prudential Insurance
Company of America. NAPRI has received IRS approval as a 501(C) (3),
tax-exempt entity.

Beginning as a grass-roots effort to coalesce interests of retirees and
vested terminators, NAPRI has grown into an incorporated entity
forthrightly representing the interests of its membership.

As do retirees from many other major corporations, NAPRI members recognize
the need to band together. Today’s corporate culture is ever changing and
highly competitive. Without the strength of numbers, our individual voices
are destined to be faint and distant.

Primarily, NAPRI members solicit the recognition and fairness they deserve
from Prudential. Not only is this equitable, but it fosters credibility
and improved business relations with the Company’s customers and potential
stockholders. Many thousands of retirees, who are policyholders and
individual annuity contract owners, have also become stockholders since
Prudential converted to a stockholder owned company.

NAPRI believes it is desirable to have a Prudential retiree on
Prudential’s Board of Directors. This is a common practice among the
nation’s largest corporations and may help minimize the estrangement of
retirees’ needs from the Company’s strategic business decisions.

NAPRI is dedicated to the well-being of retirees and vested terminators
through outreach efforts on behalf of its membership. They include
advocacy of pension and health insurance issues, education of its
membership, and scrutiny of executive actions affecting our treatment.

The benefits that we earned during our working years are vital to our
financial peace of mind in retirement. NAPRI seeks to:


Foster greater understanding of our
Raise pertinent questions;
Develop good faith cooperation;
Express dissent when necessary.

We will otherwise risk a dilution or loss of critical benefits.

NAPRI’s objectives are met through dialogue with Prudential’s executives;
interaction with state and federal legislators and officials;
communication with other retiree organizations such as the Coalition For
Retirement Security; research of issues affecting pension and welfare
benefits; and on-going fellowship with, and mobilization of, its

NAPRI subscribes to the understanding that together we can do more to
safeguard our benefits than we can do individually. Our partnership
gathers our resources and pools our talents to assure our goals are

This statement of purpose is permanent and may be
changed only by a majority vote of NAPRI membership.


Copyright © 2002 NAPRI