Maths teacher sent 250,000 messages to girl and kept sex toys in his drawer


A ‘manipulative and depraved’ maths teacher who groomed and sexually abused two schoolgirls has been jailed.

Tobias Yates, 31, also kept sex toys in his desk drawer at Chellaston Academy, in Derby, where he was also a form tutor.

He swapped 250,000 messages with one of the students, threatening suicide if she failed to reply or outed him as a paedophile, and demanded both send him explicit photos – including one in her uniform.

The father-of-one, from Stenson Fields, admitted 18 child sex offences and was jailed for 10 years and six months at Derby Crown Court. Judge Robert Egbuna said Yates was ‘an astute man that had an armoury’ which he used to ‘abuse’ the girls and ‘groom their frailties’.

Prosecutor Jonathan Straw told the court Yates worked at Chellaston Academy for eight years by the time the allegations were first reported to police.

The publicity stemming from those claims prompted the second victim to come forward, he said.

Mr Straw added: ‘This was the sexual abuse of two young, vulnerable girls, each of whom was the subject of protracted grooming, manipulation and extensive control.

‘He preyed on the innocence of teenage vulnerability and, having gained their trust, he began to control each girl, infiltrating their everyday lives over time expressly for his own sexual gain.’

The court heard Yates groped one of the girls at the back of a packed classroom while a trainee took the lesson.

He also picked one up from her home and made her hide in the footwell of his car as he drove her back to his place for sex.

One of the youngsters also described being made to call Yates ‘Daddy’ and ‘Sir’ to fulfil his warped fantasies.

Both girls, accompanied by friends and family, attend court and bravely read out victim impact statements.

The first said: ‘I have lost my carefree childhood. It started in the classroom, a place where I should have been safe. I truly believed he loved me and it was okay.

‘But it was not okay because I was a child and he was a paedophile.’

The second added: ‘I feel completely betrayed and broken. I lost two stone in weight and hours of sleep because of nightmares. I feel disgusted with myself and have a fairly negative view of myself.

‘It all happened during my GCSEs and I think about what my results would have been if I had the chance to focus instead of being consumed by him.’

Judge Egbuna told Yates: ‘They had come to you to seek help at a vulnerable time in their lives and you robbed both children of their innocence.

‘You portrayed yourself as a friend and companion but preyed on them time and time again. You are an astute man that had an armoury which you used to groom and abuse their frailties. And you made these girls feel they were to blame for your behaviour.

‘You knew what you were doing was wrong, you knew they were vulnerable and you simply did not care.’

Yates was also handed a sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.